Further Research (Cutting Through the Matrix 08/25/11)

Richard Haass—CFR — Wants Boots on the Ground in Libya—Admits Humanitarian Intervention was a Ploy for Regime Change

SAS Troops Dressed as Arabs Hunt for Gaddafi

Qatar–Staging Base for Western-Backed Overthrow of Qaddafi


Homeland Security Invokes Patriot Act on Wikileaks’ Server–Wants Info on Assange and Subscribers

Corporations Really Do Control the World–Study

How Much Money Does US Owe Other Countries?–Chart

Immigration to UK Continues to Rise

Toxic Gender-Bender Chemicals Detected in Branded New Clothing

Feds’ Bill to Grab Land for Homeland Security–Really Agenda 21

Australia Debt Census Reports and its Link to Washington, D.C.


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